Podcast #1 (Good Old Abe): Meetings are evilboo (mp3)

Podcast #2 (Soldier who knew Old Abe): Old Abe interview (mp3)

Podcast #3 (Soldier's account of Civil War): Riley"s speech (mp3)

Podcast #4 (Old Abe) Old Abe by Missy (mp3)

Podcast #5: (Letter to Mr. McCready): One slice or twoboo (mp3)

Fourth graders were able to see a replica of a Union soldier's uniform.

Civil_War_soldier_004.jpg Civil_War_soldier_007.jpg

RAFT: Role, audience, format, and topic

  • After reading "Legend of Old Abe," students chose a character in the story as their role.

  • Next, their audience was determined.

  • Then, students decided which format they want, including an audio podcast, video vidcast, diary entry, letter home to a relative during the Civil War, and so on.

  • Finally, a specific event or topic was chosen to write about. Below are pictures of the writing process.

Soc_St_civil_war2_006.jpg Soc_St_civil_war2_005.jpg Soc_St_civil_war2_004.jpg
Soc_St_civil_war2_003.jpgSoc_St_civil_war2_002.jpg Soc_St_civil_war2_001.jpg
Soc_St_civil_war3_003.jpg Soc_St_civil_war3_004.jpg

Students also researched Civil War soldiers and facts.

Copy_of_Soc_St_civil_war_003.jpg Soc_St_civil_war_006.jpg

Soc_St_civil_war_004.jpg Soc_St_civil_war_002.jpg